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If you run a restaurant you are all too familiar with grease traps and you know grease trap cleaning is a necessary part of restaurant maintenance. Grease traps are tanks that are located between the kitchen and the sewer system where grease and other debris are "trapped" or settle in order not to enter the sewer. Cleaning grease traps regularly is important, as it prevent clogs in the sewer system and reduces odors in the kitchen.


As a family-owned and operated in Medina, OH, we understand the importance of helping other local businesses thrive. A clogged grease trap can cause serious problems, so making sure yours is always in good shape is essential. We offer periodic maintenance services, as well as emergency services in the event of a clog. Here are some signs your grease trap is in need of service:

  • Slow Drainage: If your kitchen sink, dishwasher, or other drains are taking longer than usual to drain, it could be a sign that your grease trap needs cleaning. Grease can build up and clog the trap, which will cause a decrease in the flow of water.
  • Foul Odors: If you smell a foul odor coming from your kitchen drains, it could be a sign of a clogged grease trap.
  • Visible Grease: If you can see grease or other debris in the sink or other drains, it could be a sign that your grease trap needs to be cleaned.
  • Unusual Noises: If you hear strange gurgling or bubbling noises coming from your kitchen drains, it could be a sign that your grease trap has build-up and needs a technician.

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When you enlist the expertise of Double Flush Septic System for your grease trap cleaning services, you can rest assured the job will be done properly the first time. Our thorough process of grease trap cleaning involves removing all of the grease and other debris from the trap. This is usually done using a special vacuum truck with a large capacity tank. Our highly-skilled technicians will then pump out the contents of the trap, which will usually be a mixture of water and grease. Once the contents are removed, our team will clean the interior of the trap using a high-pressure washer and a degreaser. We may also use a special enzyme-based cleaner to break down the grease and help prevent clogs in the future. Once the grease trap is cleaned, we will inspect it for any signs of damage or leaks. If any are found, Double Flush Septic System’s technicians will work to repair them quickly. If the trap is in good condition, the technician will then re-fill the trap with water and a special bacteria-based cleaner. This will help to break down the grease and prevent future clogs.

Emergency Grease Trap Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

Double Flush Septic System is proud to provide grease trap cleaning services to restaurants, kitchens and small businesses around Medina, Brunswick, Strongsville, Akron and our expanded service area in Ohio. Scott, owner and experienced technician, will quickly and effectively clean your grease trap, ensuring it is free of clogs, odors, and other debris. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including a high-pressure washer and a special enzyme-based cleaner, to ensure the best results. We also offer periodic maintenance services to help you keep your grease trap in top condition.

When you choose Double Flush Septic System for your grease trap cleaning needs, you can rest assured that your equipment will be in the best hands. We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and quality results. Contact us today to learn more about our grease trap cleaning services and how we can help your business.