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What can you expect when you call Double Flush Septic Services for a septic tank cleaning? First, we'll gather the details of your location and needs to give you a quote based on the size and type of your tank. When we arrive, we'll locate your septic tank, open up the lid and check the water level, which helps us check the health of your system. Then a hose will be lowered down into your septic tank to suck out all of the gunk at the bottom. During this process, our trained technicians will check for any backflow issues or any other signs of problems. We'll ensure your septic tank is as clean as possible by sucking out all of the sludge. We'll inspect the tank for signs of damage, and be on our way!


Without regular septic tank cleaning services, you run the risk of your septic tank becoming too full and overflowing. This can push the sludge into your home or office, causing an awful mess that you'd rather not deal with. Overflow can also lead to unprocessed wastes being pushed into your drain field, which could then make its way into local waterways. Your groundwater can even become tainted, too. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends you have your septic tank system pumped and cleaned every three to five years and checked every one to three years. Every septic tank is different and depends on its use, which is why regular septic check-ups are important.

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Benefits of Septic Tank Cleaning:

  • Ensures the health and safety of your family and/or employees
  • Keeps the environment and local waterways clean and healthy
  • Promotes the longevity of your septic tank
  • Ensures optimal efficiency of your septic tank
  • Can save you money in repair costs
  • Wards off backflow problems
  • Maintains your property's value

Why Choose Double Flush Septic Services:

  • 24/7 Emergency septic tank services
  • Years of experience
  • Certified service technicians
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Family-owned and operated

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Dos and Don'ts of Septic Tank Maintenance:

You can do your part to keep your septic tank healthy and reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping. First, don't put anything down your septic system that is non-biodegradable, such as cigarette butts, diapers, paper towels, and more. You can enlarge your septic system if need be. This is recommended if your family or company grows. Plus, installing an effluent filter, which helps to decrease the number of solids that leave the tank helps promote your septic tank's health.

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