Nestled in the heart of Ohio's rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, Montville Township offers its residents a perfect blend of suburban charm and rural beauty. Known for its excellent schools, thriving local businesses and safe neighborhoods, Montville Township has become a sought-after destination for individuals and families looking to settle down amidst the tranquility and scenic natural surroundings.

Montville Township Septic Cleanings

When it comes to protecting your property and preserving the natural beauty of Montville Township, choosing the right septic service provider is essential. Residents trust Double Flush Septic Services for their septic cleanings, septic tank pumping, septic maintenance, and septic repairs. As a registered Medina County Service Provider and approved by the Medina County Health Department, Double Flush Septic Services offers an Operation and Maintenance contract for affordable and consistent septic services. Our exceptional team of experts is dedicated to lengthening the life of your septic system, keeping the community safe from exposure to black water and sewage leaks.

Medina County Septic Rules & Regulations

Whether you live in Montville Township, Hinckley, Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, or any other city, town or village in Medina County, you want to choose a septic services company that is up-to-date on regulations that govern the operation and maintenance of your septic system. Click this link to download the Medina County Operation and Maintenance guidelines.

As part of the Medina County Health Department's Operation and Maintenance Program, each sewage system installed, altered, or involved in several other instances such as nuisances, variances, etc., after January 1, 2007, is issued a five (5) year Operation and Maintenance Permit for the sewage system (septic system) after the appropriate fee submittal. These permits require that the sewage system be enrolled in an Operation and Maintenance contract with a registered Medina County Service Provider and be serviced twice a year. The Medina County Health Department must track all service conducted on these sewage systems, including sampling results for some types of sewage systems, as registered Service Providers send in the required maintenance receipts to the Medina County Health Department.

Choose Double Flush Septic Services

As a registered Medina County Service Provider, our skilled technicians provide reliable, efficient, and top-quality septic solutions to meet all your needs.  We are a family run business devoted to partnering with businesses and homeowners to extend the life of their septic systems with preventative maintenance and excellent service.  We provide transparent and affordable pricing and are committed to exceeding your expectations. Contact us now at (330) 391-5551 or click here to schedule an appointment for septic cleanings, septic tank pumping, septic maintenance, or septic repairs in Montville Township, Ohio.

Septic Installations

New septic system installations and replacements in Medina, Lorain and Wayne counties.

Septic Inspection

Septic inspections can determine the health of your septic system and help avoid repairs.

Septic Cleaning

Regular septic pump-outs and cleanings helps prevent septic backups and failures.

Septic Service Plans

Affordable septic maintenance service plans to extend the life of your septic system

Power Auger for Septic Drain Snaking

Ideal for unclogging long sections of septic pipes and easily remove solid objects such as tree roots

Porta Potty Rentals

Long or short term portable toilet rentals for events, renovations or construction site.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Don't let clogged grease traps cause problems for your next health inspection.

Emergency Service

Call or text 24/7 for emergency septic service. (330) 391-5551


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