Different Types of Septic Repairs

1. Septic Pipe Repairs:

Pipe issues are one of the most common problems homeowners with septic systems face. Root intrusion, cracks, and general wear and tear can cause pipes to leak or become clogged. To address these issues, a professional septic repair service will usually perform a pipe inspection to determine the extent of the problem. In the case of a clog, drain snaking or drain auguring can be used to remove buildup, while pipe replacement might be necessary if the damage is beyond repair.

2. Septic Pump Repairs:

The septic pump is responsible for moving wastewater from the tank to the drain field. A malfunctioning or broken pump can lead to overflows and back-ups. When faced with a pump problem, septic professionals will often inspect the tank and pump to determine if the issue is a clog or a more severe problem. Replacing the pump might be necessary if the issue is more than a simple clog.

3. Septic Drain Field Repairs:

The drain field is the area where wastewater is distributed into the soil. Drain field issues can cause standing water, foul odors, and an increase in pests. A failed drain field often results in wastewater backing up into your home, causing significant damage. To fix drain field issues, septic professionals may investigate the soil composition and possibly replace the piping or regrade the terrain to prevent any further damage.

4. Septic Tank Repairs:

Tank issues can arise from a variety of causes, from age to accidental damage. A leaking septic tank can cause significant environmental damage as well as pose a health hazard. Septic system professionals will inspect and assess the issue before recommending a solution. In some cases, repairs can be made to the tank, and in others, a tank replacement may be necessary.

5. Septic Maintenance Services:

Regular septic maintenance includes pumping the tank, inspecting the drainfield, and checking the overall system's health. Scheduling regular maintenance with a septic maintenance plan can prevent many of the above problems from happening and ensure the system is running efficiently. Regular maintenance can also identify smaller issues before they become more significant, requiring costly repairs.


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Understanding the Different Types of Septic Repairs