Signs You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning ASAP

Most septic system owners will engage with a septic services company, like Double Flush Septic Services, in order to schedule preventive septic tank cleaning and septic inspections to avoid these scary signs that your septic tank cleaning is long over due. By taking this approach you keep your septic system operating efficiently longer - avoiding septic repairs, emergency service and premature septic system failure, which saves you thousands of dollars in the long run.

 1. Wastewater Backing Up

If you find sewage in the bathtub or other signs that wastewater is backing up you could need a septic tank cleaning, or more likely you have a clogged septic drain.  The good news is that this can usually be fixed with a septic drain line snaking. The bad news is you want to act fast! Living with clogged septic drains and wastewater backup can cause bigger repairs and have a negative health impact on your family. Septic system gases can cause hydrogen sulfide poisoning and the methane and hydrogen sulfide gases are flammable and explosive, so it’s essential to call a professional if you have strong sewage smells. There are several reasons why sewer lines get backed-up and not all of them are entirely preventable.

  • Fatberg of grease and other solids, "flushable wipes" that are not really flushable, or an item (like some Legos or other toys) causing a blockage. Our septic drain line snaking is used on exterior septic drain lines, so if the clog is not within the home's plumbing but in the drains running from the home to the septic system, this will break-up the clog and clear your drains. (SEPTIC EMERGENCY: FLUSHABLE WIPES CAN RUIN A PARTY)
  • Roots have grown into the septic line and created a blockage. This is a common issue with septic owners and the reason why we recommend planting trees and shrubs away from drain lines. These roots can also be broken up with our septic drain snaking service and controlled with a RootX application. RootX in a root inhibitor that we can apply on annual basis to prevent roots from growing into the drain lines and clogging them.
  • Infrequent septic tank pumping. If it has been too long since your last septic tank cleaning you may experience wastewater backing up. Imagine if your family of four, with two teenage boys, buys a home previously owned by a retired couple.  Just think of the difference in toilet usage between those two households and laundry usage and dishes being washed and showers, etc... And if that tank is a little on the small side for your family's habits, you may have gone too long between septic pumping (HOW OFTEN TO PUMP SEPTIC TANK FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR?)

 2. Pipes Slow to Drain, Toilet Hard to Flush or Gurgling Sounds

Any of these signs could mean you have a clog or a full septic tank. When you call Double Flush Septic Services we'll work with you to troubleshoot and pump your septic tank, break up your septic clog and make sure you're in good shape. If you have recently had your septic tank cleaned, we can rule that out and focus on where the clog could be. Although this doesn't typically warrant an emergency septic service, you want to call as soon as possible to keep it from getting worse.  We do not recommend using a chemical drain cleaner. See the Think at the Sink on EPA's website that explains:

"Your septic system contains a collection of living organisms that digest and treat household waste. Pouring toxins down your drain can kill these organisms and harm your septic system. Whether you are at the kitchen sink, bathtub, or utility sink avoid chemical drain openers for a clogged drain."

3. Foul Smells Coming From the Septic Tank

The scariest sign of all has to be terrible odors coming from your drains and septic tank. This is undoubtedly a sign that your waste is not submerged in the septic tank as designed and your septic tank cleaning is overdue. Contact Double Flush Septic Services right away and let us know more about these odors. Knowing where the smell is coming from will help us understand if this is an emergency septic service or something we can schedule out.

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Scary Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning